Corporate Autoworks can provide inspection reports for a number of needs.

1)Safety Certificate Inspections - for use when purchasing or selling a vehicle in Ontario.
2)Pre-purchase Inspections - Thinking of buying a used car? Whether from a dealer or a private seller, having the vehicle inspected by an impartial licensed mechanic will ensure that you know that the vehicle is worth the asking price. We have been able to save our clients grief and money by giving them the knowledge they need to make an informed purchase.
A car may pass the Ontario Safety Certificate regulations, however if the brakes or tires are just above the minimum requirement, you may find yourself paying for replacements soon after buying the vehicle. Knowing this gives you the opportunity to either walk away from the deal or negotiate a lower price to allow for the upcoming repairs.
3)Ontario Commercial Vehicle Safety Certificates - we can certify light trucks and vans that must be regularly certified.

Corporate Autoworks can provide digital inspection reports for most inspections. Call us and ask for details.
Prices for these inspections may vary. Call us at 905-333-9201 or email us here for more information.


Very impressed. Inspection was meticulous and thorough. I was able to buy this car with confidence, after rejecting 2 others I thought were good until I got the CAA reports. Saved me thousands by helping me buy the right used car! Receptionist, Stephanie, was excellent knowledgeable and very helpful. Report was clear and illustrated with photos so I could see exactly what they were describing. Highly reccommended!