Yes, we do hybrids!

With the increasing popularity of hybrids, Corporate Autoworks offers service and repair services from our qualified technicians. We have joined with a number of other top quality auto shops to bring in Cincinnati Hybrid to instruct our technicians and service advisor the ins and outs of hybrids. Cincinnati Hybrid is a trainer for Dorman Industries who manufacture hybrid batteries (and hundreds of other auto parts). Our training was both classroom based and hands on with different makes of hybrids. We are ready for you! We can service not only the battery and electrical system of your hybrid but also the brakes, suspension, engine and all the other components of your vehicle.

We do a multi-point inspection of your vehicle at no charge and our digital AutoVital service will send you a comprehensive service report including pictures and video showing you any areas of concern. If your service requires us to keep your vehicle overnight or for the day, we can provide a loaner car at no cost.