Community Involvement

Corporate Autoworks is involved in many of the activities and charities that make Burlington such a wonderful community. Here is a partial listing of our charitable activities:

  • Sponsorship of Rotary events such as Giggles N Grub and the Scambatti Golf Tournament (we were awarded the Rotary Paul Harris Fellow Recognition Award award for philanthropy, an honour usually given to large corporations)
  • Sponsorship of events and fundraising for the Breast Cancer Support Services of Burlington
  • Sponsorship of SAVIS (Sexual Abuse Victims Information Service)
  • Sponsorship of numerous church fundraisers
  • Largest sponsor of Party in Pink breast cancer fundraiser from its inception

Sports Involvement

We are also active in the sporting life of Burlington:

Sponsorship of both male and female hockey and soccer teams Fundraising for a number of sports teams (call us if you are interested in finding out how we can help your team)


Corporate Autoworks recognizes the need to protect the environment. To meet our societal obligations:

We help you to recycle. We will accept your used household and car batteries and send them to our recycler. Have oil at home you want to responsibly dispose of? Bring it to us and we?ll have it recycled. And we will accept your used tires and make sure they are converted for other uses. All fluids drained from vehicles we service are saved and picked up by a certified recycler for processing and re-use Oil filters and empty containers are saved and sent for proper handling Cardboard is collected and goes to recycling Corporate Autoworks has an oil interceptor in the event of an accidental spill to prevent contaminants from reaching the sewer system Corporate Autoworks has appropriate spill response cleanup materials to ensure that any cleanup required is done effectively Bulk fluid containers are kept within enclosures so that in the event of a rupture, the fluid will be contained and not enter the environment None of these events have happened, but we feel we should be ready just in case.